Casa Share no #13


We ended 2016 with great joy in our souls, managed to stand up and donate 6 houses.
Thus, on December 23rd, just before the Christmas holidays, we handed over the keys to the CASA SHARE house number 13, to a family in the village Medeleni, Golăieşti, Iaşi.

It was a single mother who grew 5 children in a dirt hut, somewhere in a field! She worths all of our effort as she leads her children to the school by a horse carriage, 4km away. She takes cares of the animals around the house, she “beat nails”, she does everything around the house.

On 10th November 2016, we started to build a new home. We made maximum efforts to finish it before the Christmas -and- in just over 43 days, Santa came with the keys at their new home.

Besides homes, we managed to help some elderly who were living under the open sky, to send the children to the sea side and to the mountains and prepared them with all the necessary for school.
Great people with good souls, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and from all the children that we saved – WE, all together !!!
The photos and the facts speak.

On December 20th, Casa SHARE turned two years old!
2 years of CASA SHARE !HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASA SHARE !! Posted by Casa Share Thursday, December 20, 2016

Those who can still support us, beside donations, I attach you a form to redirect 20% of the tax at your company here:

Also, those who are employees can redirect 2% tax already charged by the Romanian state in 2016 towards Association CASA SHARE by filling this form and sending it through post:

WE all, together, change lives!

A high clay house in which lived six soulsDrawing the first measurementsRoxana, youngest daughter was curious. Thanks Mr Vasile!Each house starts with the first shovel    Turcu family, Marian, Robert are real Romanians! Thank you!   As show in the old adobe clay house    The fire has started!! Where is fire, there is life!Buying, carrying, helping! Thank you Dave!!    Always, doing the hard work! Thank you Dave!!     Thank you David, for all of your great support!   Sant'as sack was left to BogdanIf the smoke is out, then is a good thing!   The old house and the new house. Which one will last longer?   With the family in the children's room!Thank you Dave !! Again & again.... respect mate !   Together, we are changing lives!   Thank you Free Mioriţa! Respect for Iulian Angheluţă for bringing light into the homes of people forgotten by our societyProud of being Romanian. The flag is never missing from any house CASA SHARE!   The new house, the fence and the gate next to the old house   This is how the new house looks like after it was finished. This is how now the children's room is looking like!Happy Birthday, CASA SHARE 13! December  2016. Thank you, Charlotte!We paint the walls to bring a bit of joy ti the children. Thank you Diana!

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    • Paul
    • 19 January 2020

    I’m an American working in Romania. I was involved with a veteran’s organization in the US that did volunteer work for efforts like this. How can I get involved with what you’re doing?

      • Laurentiu Macovei
      • 19 January 2021

      You can contact Bogdan directly on his phone number from the contact page. Thank you

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Casa Share Schimba Vieti!
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